#254 Circular Valance

#254 Circular Valance

$ 260.00

PRICE IS $260.00

This is one of our all time Favorites; just slips on any rod. This one takes about 8 yards of fabric, front and back.

Fits a Window 26" to 48", TYPE IN your measurements.

IF YOU DO NOT WANT TRIM, just tell us so in the "special request" blank, and we'll refund trim charge accordingly.

Search our fabrics, on our Catalog Homepage, and enter a choice in the appropriate blanks.

(We'll choose the back accent fabric. or you may suggest a color in the "special request" blank.)

We'll choose a gorgeous trim to match and ask for your approval.





















Go to "search" at the bottom of any page, search Fabric, 60 pages; scroll down Choose one, Enter the # and the Name of the fabric chosen in the "Special Request " Blank.


Price includes Fabric, Lining, Trim, & Labor.

Swatch can be ordered for $3.00, text to order 256 347 4089